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We Believe

believe in angels; they believe in you.

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Do you believe in Angels?
Have you been visited by an Angel(s)?
Has something unexplainable ever happened to you, and although you never saw, felt, or heard anything, you knew there was an Angel present?

Then this is the community for you. Please share your stories.

To the members: Please note that this is not a "religious" community. It is a place for all, despite religious beliefs - or lack thereof, to join and talk specifically about their experiences or interest with Angels. Please! Do not preach or make anyone else feel excluded... our main objective is to be a collective in our common bond: Angels. As a member, try to refrain from directly talking about your religion. Refer to your religion as, "my personal belief system". If a member feels the need to discuss such things, as religion. Sending a personal message, to another member, is required. Any hateful, spiteful or cruel statements or views will not be tolerated; and will result in permanent banned membership, as well as your username being reported to LJ-Staff for harassment. Remember, this is not a community about religion or faith. It is a community for those who believe in Angels - specifically, for those who believe they've encountered Angels.

To others: This is a Safe-Space for anyone and everyone. Please don't make fun of us, because we aren't making fun of you.

Be Good To Each Other.